CPAP Alternative Treatment in Littleton, CO

CPAP Alternative Treatment   Littleton, CO

A Better Sleep Apnea Solution

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Discover a Comfortable Solution for Sleep Apnea in Littleton, CO

Are you struggling with CPAP therapy for your sleep apnea? At the Sleep Center of Littleton, we understand that not everyone finds CPAP effective or comfortable. That's why we offer an alternative treatment known as oral appliance therapy. This is a comfortable and convenient solution for managing sleep apnea symptoms effectively, especially for those who have had difficulty with CPAP therapy.


About Oral Appliance Therapy in Littleton

Oral appliance therapy is a proven CPAP alternative for sleep apnea treatment. Unlike CPAP, which uses a mask and continuous air pressure to keep your airway open, oral appliances work by gently repositioning your tongue or jaw. This keeps the soft tissues at the back of your throat from blocking your airway and allows for uninterrupted sleep.

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Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy in Littleton

Choosing oral appliance therapy from our Littleton sleep center offers several advantages over traditional CPAP treatment. Our patients often prefer oral appliances because they are:

  • Comfortable: Unlike CPAP masks, oral appliances are similar to mouthguards and are comfortable to wear.

  • Portable: Oral appliances are small, easy to carry, and require no electricity. Traveling with them is hassle-free compared to lugging around a CPAP machine.

  • Convenient: Oral appliances are easy to clean and maintain, without the need for distilled water or complex setups.

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Partner With Our Littleton Sleep Apnea Center

Partner with the Sleep Center of Littleton for expert guidance in managing your sleep apnea. Our team of sleep physicians, technologists, and dental professionals will work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. We will provide ongoing monitoring, necessary adjustments, education, and valuable resources to ensure your journey to better sleep is successful. Partner with our sleep center in Littleton today and take control of your sleep health.

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Start Your Journey to Better Sleep

Scheduling a complimentary consultation at the Sleep Center of Littleton is your first step toward discovering a CPAP alternative that works for you. During the consultation, our team will assess your symptoms and discuss whether oral appliance therapy is the right sleep apnea treatment approach for you. We'll also guide you through a simple at-home sleep test and provide you with a custom-fitted oral appliance tailored to your specific needs.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

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More Than I Could Ever Expect

"The experience and treatment outcomes at Sleep Center have been more than I could ever expected. I did not want a CPAP and the solution they have is amazing. And Dr. Froning and Lamar are very friendly and know their stuff. Thank you for helping me so much with my sleep!! "

- Jay S.

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The Perfect Solution

"Sleep Center of Littleton offers the perfect solution for getting a better intake of oxygen at night and makes custom oral appliances. I was elated to find an effective alternative to CPAP treatment. Dr. Froning and his team are highly professional and friendly. I wake up refreshed with a sharp mind. Great office!"

- DM

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No More Brain Fog

"I can't believe how much better I feel. I wake up now feeling refreshed(no more brain fog!) My husband also sleeps better now that I am not snoring. Happy Husband, Happy life! Thank you, Dr. Froning & Lamar

- Jose Luna

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