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Maintaining Your Oral Appliance

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Maintaining your oral appliance therapy device properly means that you’ll be able to use the device as part of your CPAP alternative treatment for longer and prevent costly repairs or replacements over the years. At the Sleep Center of Littleton, we’re committed to helping our patients understand how to maximize their device use through effective, proper maintenance. Watch the video below to learn the best way to clean and maintain your oral appliance.

Caring for Your Oral Appliance

Maintaining your oral appliance ensures its longevity and effectiveness in treating sleep apnea as an alternative to CPAP therapy. It's essential to keep it clean to avoid the buildup of bacteria and plaque, which can lead to oral health issues. Daily cleaning, similar to how you'd care for dentures or a retainer, is paramount. Use a soft brush and mild, non-abrasive soap or a dentist-recommended cleaner to gently scrub all surfaces of the appliance. Always rinse it thoroughly with cool water afterward.

When not in use, store your oral appliance in its protective case, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, to maintain its shape and integrity. Regularly inspect it for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any changes or it becomes uncomfortable to wear, consult your dentist for adjustments. Remember, a well-maintained appliance not only supports your health but ensures comfort and efficacy in your sleep apnea treatment.

What Our Patients Are Saying

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Exceptional with the attention.

"Dr. Froning and the rest of the Sleep Center of Littleton team were exceptional with the attention and information I received during all of the appointments. I have experienced great benefits with the device and am getting better quality of sleep and decreased episodes of waking up at night."

- Gabriela Guzman

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Ten out of ten stars!

"The people (Dr Froning, Alicia, Sarah, Lamar) are all outstanding! It is always a pleasure to see them or talk on the phone. I will HIGHLY recommend The Sleep Center to anyone thinking of going there. Ten out of ten stars!"

- Barb Loux

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The team here was amazing.

"The team here was amazing, I’m so glad I got this device, Lamar was so helpful with everything and explained everything very well,I would definitely recommend them, this device saved my life."

- Jose Luna

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