CPAP Alternative Treatment In Wheat Ridge, CO

CPAP Alternative Treatment In Wheat Ridge, CO

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A Simpler Path to Better Sleep in Wheat Ridge, CO

Tired of starting your day feeling just as exhausted as when you went to bed? At Sleep Center of Littleton, we're here to help you conquer the obstacles presented by bulky CPAP devices. Through our effective sleep apnea treatments, you can bid farewell to disruptive snoring episodes that disrupt your sleep. Contact us today to arrange a complimentary consultation!

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What is Causing Poor Sleep?

Does every sunrise mark the beginning of a weary battle against fatigue? Sleep apnea, a silent disruptor of your natural sleep rhythm, silently steals the deep, restorative slumber your body craves. Left to roam unchecked, it spins a relentless web of exhaustion, laying the groundwork for more problematic issues like heart disease.

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How Oral Appliance Therapy Fights Sleep Apnea

Through gentle realignment of the jaw, the custom-fitted oral appliance for sleep apnea effectively keeps the airway open. Choosing sleep apnea treatment without CPAP offers patients relief from the discomfort and inconvenience often linked to traditional CPAP machines.

Comparing Oral Appliance Therapy to CPAP Machines

Crafted to fit each individual's mouth, the custom-fitted oral appliance for sleep apnea serves as a vital tool in maintaining an unobstructed airway. Through gentle realignment of the jaw, this innovative treatment method effectively addresses breathing issues without the need for cumbersome CPAP machines. Opting for sleep apnea treatment without CPAP allows patients to sidestep the discomfort and inconvenience often associated with traditional methods, offering a more comfortable and convenient solution for uninterrupted sleep.

Device Maintenance

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How Are We Different?

As diplomates of the ABDSM, our team possesses the top certification in dental sleep medicine, ensuring residents of Wheat Ridge receive unparalleled care in treating sleep apnea without CPAP. Our extensive expertise and dedication to personalized care set us apart from general dentists.

Alternative Paths to Quality Sleep

Thanks to the innovative solutions provided by the Sleep Center of Littleton, achieving a peaceful night's sleep is now easily achievable. Contact us today to ensure every night's sleep is consistently restful.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

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Exceptional with the attention.

"Dr. Froning and the rest of the Sleep Center of Littleton team were exceptional with the attention and information I received during all of the appointments. I have experienced great benefits with the device and am getting better quality of sleep and decreased episodes of waking up at night."

- Gabriela Guzman

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Ten out of ten stars!

"The people (Dr Froning, Alicia, Sarah, Lamar) are all outstanding! It is always a pleasure to see them or talk on the phone. I will HIGHLY recommend The Sleep Center to anyone thinking of going there. Ten out of ten stars!"

- Barb Loux

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The team here was amazing.

"The team here was amazing, I’m so glad I got this device, Lamar was so helpful with everything and explained everything very well,I would definitely recommend them, this device saved my life."

- Jose Luna

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